Our firm

In 1850 Dr. Julian Stadlinger established the first law firm in Salzkammergut in the historic building in Gmunden, Kirchengasse 6. Therefore our firm is one of the oldest still existing law firms in Austria.

In 1967 Dr. Heinz Ortner took over the law firm from his predecessor Dr. Oswald Trauttenberg. His two sons Mag. Alexander Ortner and Mag. Philipp Ortner joined the partnership in 2000 and 2007.

The office is situated in the city center of Gmunden and can easily be reached by car and public transportation. From the central garage you can walk to the office in 5 minutes.

Although the office is furnished with state of the art equipment we have carefully preserved its historic character. Due to this ambiance our office was chosen as set for the popular TV series "Schloßhotel Ort" and a film production of the Austrian young director Robert Narholz.